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Caliber: .50 BMG. Barrel Length: 20 in; 29 in. Action: Semi-auto. The M107 semi-automatic long range sniper rifle is capable of delivering precise, rapid fire on targets out to 2,000 meters. The. 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Marines train with the M107 Special Application Scoped Rifle (SASR), a .50 caliber sniper rifle with a range of 2000 meters...

Designed for hitting hard at long distances, the Barrett 50 cal for sale is military-level firepower for the well-armed citizen. With its high ballistic coefficient, the 50 caliber bullet has long-range capabilities that make it an excellent choice for high-powered sniper rifles, where the distance between you and the target can be the difference between life or death In multiplayer, the Barrett .50cal is unlocked at level 49 and is the last sniper rifle unlocked by normal means. Like all sniper rifles, it can use an ACOG Scope attachment. It is tied with the Dragunov, S-Tac Aggressor and R700 without Stopping Power, able to kill in one hit if shooting in the chest, neck, or head The sniper is using a 50 caliber rifle. A 50 cal. Examples of the fight in Afghanistan One shot.....one kill !!!! 1st Reconnaissance Battalion engage insurgents in Sangin, Afghanistan, 11/19/2010 as part of the counter insurgency ops. Marines are using a suppressed M4. The Best 50 BMG Rifles in 2021. 1. Barrett M107A1. Price: $10,625.00. Barrel: 29 inch. Total Length: 48 inch. Weight: 28.7lb. Capacity: 10+1 Rounds. The Barrett M107A1 has become the face of the movement and the star of civilian gun safes everywhere

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Barrett Model 82A1. With surprisingly low recoil, the Barrett Model 82A1 is a semi-automatic rifle with years of harsh military service behind it that prove its reliability of the design Barrett M107A1 .50 cal. Long Range Rifle GI#: 101553850 Barrett M107A1 .50 cal., semi-automatic extreme long range rifle. 29 barrel with muzzle brake, rear monopod, 10 round magazine, light weight quick detach adjustable bipod, and cheek piece

The McMillan TAC-50 is a long-range anti-material and sniper rifle, produced by McMillan Brothers Rifles company. Its designation denotes tactical and .50 BMG (12.7x99 mm) caliber. The TAC-50 was designed back in the 1980s. This weapon is based on the previous designs of the same company All major brands of 50 bmg, 50 caliber rifles, including Armalite AR50, quad 50 50 cal 50 bmg, quad mount, quad mounted 50 cal, serbu BFG-50, LAR Grizzly, Barrett M99, Barrett M95, EDM Arms, Windrunner, Ultimate Accuracy AMAC 5100, Accuracy International AW50. Holds 50 caliber shoots, 50 shoot. We also carry BlackHawk tactical gear, mildot master, us optics scopes, swarovski, schmidt & bender. The Kraber .50-Cal Sniper is a bolt-action sniper rifle that utilizes Supply Drop Sniper Ammo. Being a Supply Drop Weapon, it can only be found in Care Packages, and cannot be equipped with foreign ammo. It comes pre-equipped with 8 backup ammo and a 6x-10x Variable Sniper scope. 1 Damage profile 2 Pros and cons 3 Skins 4 History 5 Trivia 6 See also Fortified Legendsnote 2 Pros Highest damage.

Shooting the .50 Cal Barrett Sniper Rifle and Vacationing in Las Vegas. If you're looking to experience one of the coolest and most exhilarating shooting experiences on the planet you have to consider shooting the .50 Cal Barrett sniper rifle at a shooting range when vacationing near Las Vegas, NV.. You may wonder why we at U.S. Precision Defense a company dedicated to and family self-defense. The .50 Cal Sniper is a Medium to Long-Range Sniper rifle used in War Brokers. It can be found in every game mode, but its mostly used in Battle Royale Gamemode. 1 Design 2 Performance 3 Customization 4 Trivia The .50 Cal Sniper Rifle is mostly gray-textured, with the exception of the black Inner Barrel, Pistol Grip, Magazine, and Picatinny Rail. It is loosely modeled off of the Barrett M82. Miniature 16x Scope FITS Barrett .50, AR & Bullpup Railing Customize your miniatures with this 3 scope that fits our AR, M16 and .50 cal and bullpup models. Positions easily on railing by adjusting screws with screwdriver Unlike our 4x scope; this does not have glass lens 3 in length Die cast metal, flat black painted Can see through the sigh

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50 Caliber Sniper Rifle For Sale - Page 2 | 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle For Sale - Page 3 | 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle For Sale - Page 4 | 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle For Sale - Page 5 | 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle For Sale - Page 6 | 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle For Sale - Page 7. EC 509. Canvas/Leather Backpack. CD 1411. Six Bottle Wine Tote. Detail. L 1209. The Sniper colour of the .50 Cal is limited to just 250 jackets in total, so if you want to get your hands on one of these, you're going to have to act fast! Please note, the Sniper .50 Cal will ship in October of 2021. Jacket Specifications. CE approved AA* abrasion resistant leather garment for superior slide protectio Barrett M82 A1 50BMG Semi Automatic Rifle. by Barrett. ID p58635. 3 Reviews | 3 Questions, 5 Answers. From. $8,799.99. Limit 2. Barrett M82 A1 Rifle - Featuring Front and Rear Sling loops, flip up iron sights, fluted barrel and steel receivers, the M82A1 lives up to its iconic name Lancer Tactical brings the iconic M82 Barrett 50-caliber to the airsoft market perfect for any budget. While the gas versions of this airsoft rifle sell well over $1,500, Lancer Tactical has produced a high quality spring powered replica for a fraction of that Utilizing state of the art design, manufacturing, and materials, every component of the rifle has been engineered to be lighter and stronger than its predecessors. In addition to a 4-pound weight reduction, the M107A1 is optimized for use with a sound suppressor, providing a much-needed signature reduction capability to the warfighter

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Fact: The most powerful sniper rifle in the U.S. Military was designed in a garage — and handmade. The Origins The story of the M82 begins with Ronnie Barrett. Barrett, a photographer with no formal gunsmith training or experience, is said to have been inspired to design and build the M82 .50 caliber rifle while [ Warmonger 50 cal. BMG 14.5 lb. Sniper Rifle. This is the Ultimate 14.5 lb. Long Range shoulder fired Sniper rifle. Called the Warmonger. Shoots a 750 to a 900 grain bullet. Accurate up to 2 miles. Has a 5 shot detachable box magazine. This rifle has a non corrosive UA Armor custom coating to prevent any types of corrosion and the coating also. American Marksman - 50 CAL M1022 LR Sniper 650 Gr. - 50 Rounds. Description: American Marksman 50 Cal M1022 ammunition consists of Lake City brass, boxer-primers and 650 Grain (olive green coating) projectiles. This line of ammunition is 100% American made. The US Army initiated the XM1022 program to develop .50 caliber sniper ammunition with increased accuracy over the fielded MK-211.

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  1. Now he brings that information to you, covering every aspect of the sniper's art: the history, equipment, skills and missions. He also includes reproducible forms, a military-issue .50-caliber cartridge tip color guide and his exclusive Program of Instruction for Special Operations Hard-Target Interdiction Course
  2. Where can i get a .50 cal sniper rifle. Question. Close. 5. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Where can i get a .50 cal sniper rifle. Question. Just wondering if there's an easy way to get one. I just scrapped the only one I had by accident. Tnx in advance. 21 comments. share. save. hide. report. 86% Upvoted
  3. Subscribe to ARM USA's Freedom Reporter newsletter 50 CALIBER BAN Took effect in California January 1, 2005 50 BMG Rifles and Product Info 50 Caliber FAQS; CHECK OUT THE QUAD 50 - 4 50 Cal Rifles; Armalite AR-50: $3495: Barrett M107 50BMG(Rifle ONLY) $9995: Barrett 82A1 (Rifle ONLY) $965
  4. The Sniper Elite® 0.50 caliber (12.7mm) Ball and AP (Armor-Piercing) family of ammunition increased accuracy over traditional Ball and AP cartridges. This family of ammunition is compatible with all common sniper rifles and produces a recoil similar to that of an M33 ball cartridge. Sniper Elite® Ball and AP cartridges are an interchangeable.

Barrett 50 Cal M82A1 bolt action sniper rifle with Scope and Bipod The awesome CCCP M82A1 is a fantasticly priced replica of the monstrous .50 calibre 'anti-material' rifle the Barrett M82A1 which is a semi-automatic sniper rifle created by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing firm, and used by special forces and armies around the world. Barrett 50 Cal M82A1 bolt action sniper. 1:1 size 50 Cal Sniper Rifle Prop ReplicaPerfect for a display, cosplay, costume, film and movie making, or battlefield reenactment. Solid Call for any costuming needs.Specs: Material: Plastic 36 long4lbWorking TriggerWorking Charging HandleFolding bi-podRemovable MagRemovable ScopeBreaks down for storage and travel The .50 Cal Sniper is a grey sniper rifle which is loaded with .50 caliber shots. A well balanced sniper rifle, it is great for campers and those with a tendency to score headshots. Due to the damage it inflicts upon scoring a headshot, some would say it is the Holy Grail's little brother

Sniper rifles for sale. Shop for Sniper Rifles online at montanagunsforsale.com. As indicated by military and law authorization wording, a rifleman rifle is an exactness rifle used to precisely connect with focuses from significant distances. Marksman rifles will in general be fitted with a scope and loaded for a military centerfire cartridge As a for instance, take the TAC 50 .50 caliber sniper rifle, a weapon that has proven it performs consistently when and where it counts—in the field

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12.7mm is 0.50 inches. That's why the Lynx is a 50 cal. A .408 round is smaller than a .50 (because 10.4mm is smaller than 12.7mm), and certainly not a 50 cal. 50 cal isn't tacticool speak for big - it's a reference to a size. ok thanks, i thought the .408 was bigger my mistake In addition, roughly 34 Barrett .50 caliber rifles were delivered to Mexican drug gangs as part of the ATF Fast and Furious Operation between 2006-2011 (Bunker, 2014). Seized sniper rifle optics have primarily been daylight telescopic sights, with a few electro-optical (battery powered) sights found

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  1. A 50 cal sniper rifle gun shot sound perfect for movies, thanks to Liam for this sample. Liam. 153657 4/5 Attribution 3.0. Modern Battlefield. A blend of war sounds layered to create a realistic sound effect like that found on a modern day battlefield or even one from World War 2. Mike Koenig. 129067.
  2. This is the classic .50 caliber sniper rifle you probably picture when thinking about the .50 BMG. If you've ever played a modern first-person shooter, you're probably at least passingly familiar with this one. And the good news is, you can buy one! The Barrett M82A1 is our happy place
  3. Barrett 50 cal sniper rifle bb gun reviews let you know exactly what to expect from the products, which certainly gives you the utmost confidence to click Buy Now without having to learn more information. Post navigation. Top 10 Best Hp Deskjet 1000 Ac Adapter Reviews Of 2021
  4. Read reviews of Barrett M82A1 50 Cal airsoft sniper rifle AEG (Auto Electric Gun) authentic replica of the American firearm Barrett Model 82A1 originally made by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing and licensed by 6mmProShop
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  6. The 50-caliber rifle round is a massive cartridge, capable of taking out the enemy at distances of a mile or more. The standard Army-issue weapon that fires this potent round is the Barrett M82. Fired from a bench rest using a standard bipod, this semi-automatic, 30-pound rifle barks back with an authoritative report and a firm but manageable.
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Tac-50: A .50 Caliber Record-Breaking Rifle Navy SEALs and Snipers Love. In a 2017 mission against ISIS targets, a JTF2 sniper recorded the world's longest sniper kill at a staggering 3,871. .50 caliber rounds are an ammunition in Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Fallout Tactics and Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios. They are a very heavy, very powerful kind of round, primarily used in Big Guns. 1 Background 2 Variants 2.1 .50 2.2 .50, armor piercing 2.3 .50, match (hand load) 2.4 .50, incendiary 2.5 .50 DU 2.6 .50 caliber FMJ/JHP 3 References The. So I was watching The Hurt Locker the other day. Great movie, I really loved the Sniper scene, y'all should look it up. In the scene one of the soldiers used a Barret .50 Cal M82 A1, so I decided to do this one. Enjoy it! Like, comment, rate, donate if you want to! Maybe if y'all ask @420x420 politely to make a nice black texture for this, he might do it hehehe The 50 caliber sniper rifle's threat is a blend of long range and massive power. Here is Barrett's description of the power of its Model M82A1, widely available on the civilian market: This revolutionary .50 caliber semi-automatic rifle allows sophisticated targets to be destroyed or disabled by a single soldier

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The Grizzly Big Boar is a .50 BMG sniper rifle developed by L.A.R. Manufacturing Inc., a gunsmithing firm. It comes in a variety of finishes, from Standard Blue to Stainless Steel. Aside from these finish options, the rifle is a Bullpup single-shot gun, also featuring a pistol grip and bipod. As of 2007, this gun is highly unavailable to. It is, after all, a 50-caliber bullet with some serious oomph behind it. Dropping hogs at close range is its forte. Aesthetically, the Big Horn Armory AR500 in .500 Auto Max is a drop-dead hot rifle. Performance-wise, it doesn't quite manage the shock and awe precision and reach of its 50-caliber peers This is Russia's new 'noiseless' .50 cal sniper rifle. which now fire a round analogous to the .50 BMG cartridge used on sniper rifles like the Barrett M82 and McMillan Tac-50, function. Today, the weapon is mostly known for using AR-15 styling and construction to produce the power of a robust .50-Caliber BMG rifle. But, the way the BA50 came to be is perhaps just as fascinating as the weapon itself. The idea of shooting a BMG 50 round with an AR-15 type of system traces its roots back as far as 2003 -- over 15 years ago

The ammunition that 50 caliber sniper rifles fire today was originally developed during the First World War as both an anti-tank and machine gun round. 38 Developments in tank armor soon made tanks generally impervious to 50 caliber rounds, 39 but according to the Marine Corps and other authorities, the 50 caliber can still blast through more. .50 Cal Heavy Sniper Sound 2.0. Télécharger Partager. therandomkidgtav, Kibblesbob (from the website linked) All Versions. 2.0 (current) 1 416 téléchargements , 100 ko 3 juin 2021. More mods in weapons category: Son; 4.58 212 899 808 Realistic Weapons Sounds [SP & FiveM support] 4.6. By MvcGyver. Son; Featured; 4.7

Download files and build them with your 3D printer, laser cutter, or CNC. Thingiverse is a universe of things 1 Description 2 Attributes 3 Item List 4 Notes 5 Weapons that use .50 caliber rounds Very powerful round for large frame revolvers, pistols and long range rifles. .50 caliber rounds are among the rarest and most powerful types of ammunition found in State of Decay. Influence cost: 2 Encumbrance: 0.09 lbs This following item lists contain this item Note: S = State of Decay Storyline; B.

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  1. iatures with this 3 scope that fits our AR, M16 and .50 cal and bullpup models. Positions easily on railing by adjusting screws with screwdriver Unlike our 4x scope; this does not have glass lens 3 in length Die cast metal, flat black painted Can see through the sigh
  2. 1920x1080 sniper Rifle, Soldier, Desert, Barrett .50 Cal Wallpapers HD / Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds. 1920x1200 Army Soldiers Barrett .50 Cal M82 Guns Weapons Sniper Rifles. 2560x1600 gun weapon soldier sniper rifle Marksman machine gun cannon automatic rifle guns firearm hk51
  3. Check out [50 CAL SNIPER] Gun Masters. It's one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. Gun Masters is new, there are many bugs so please be patient we are trying our best to fix them all! CODE Tofuu for 10k gems
  4. How fast does a 50 cal sniper shoot? 50-caliber rifle that has a muzzle velocity of 2,700 feet per second using match-grade Hornady 50 BMG A-MAX ammunition with a 750-grain bullet, the round will reach the target in 4.5 seconds and will have dropped 3,073.9 inches (256.2 feet) from the highest point in its trajectory
  5. .50 Browning Machine Gun (.50 BMG) Just the mention of a .50 cal sniper rifle conjures up the imagination of 2500-meter kills on human targets. We need to be honest, routine kills at those extreme ranges are rare and unique. Yes, there are occasional accounts of human targets being hit at extreme ranges (everyone has heard of the Canadian shot.
  6. The A-10 Warthog and a sniper manning a 50 cal rifle engage Taliban fighters. If you watch closely, you can see one of them get hit crossing the bridge. Categories Video Taliban Air Strikes.
  7. The spotter lies right next to the sniper and helps the sniper to find and home in on the target. The sniper is using a 50 calibre rifle. A 50 cal. round is about 7-8 inches long and the casing is about an inch in diameter. The bullet itself is one-half inch in diameter and roughly one and one-half inches long

If you mean the .50 Caliber BMG round that is used in some Barrett rifles, then yes. It is available in a few different bullet weights. They are about 650 grains up to 800 grains, and typical muzzle velocity is around 2700 to 3000 fps. The .458 Wi.. Sniper rifle close up , Barrett 0.50 caliber m81a1 in a shooting range near Las Vegas, training purpose Sniper rifle Barrett 0.50 caliber m81a1. Sniper Barrett rifle , 0.50 caliber, m82a1 And, in 1979 the .50 cal. sniper rifle, much as we know it today, was born. By 1980 the SEALs had everything they needed to conduct the Cam Ranh Bay attack and the mission was assigned to the SEALs Naval Special Warfare Unit One working from the U.S. Navy?s Philippines base at Subic Bay

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You must select at least 2 products. Remington Defense Concealable Sniper rifle 7.62 Nato / 308 Win 16.5 Black cerakote. R235 000,00. * *. Remington PSR Kit 86642. R490 000,00. * *. Accuracy International 6800B AX50 Black Rifle. R199 000,00 Sniper Chick Shoots a .50 Cal and The Recoil is Just Perfect Mesmerizing Recoil Effects In Slow Motion From Babe Firing A .50 Cal Round Guy Shoots A Pumpkin Lineup With A .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Youtuber Suffered Life Threatening Injuries After His 50 Cal Rifle Exploded in His Face Top 5. Today; 7 Days. The Sniper Elite® 0.50 caliber (12.7mm) Ball and AP (Armor-Piercing) family of ammunition increased accuracy over traditional Ball and AP cartridges. This family of ammunition is compatible with all common sniper rifles and produces a recoil similar to that of an M33 ball cartridge The .50 Browning Machine Gun (.50 BMG) was developed for the Browning .50 caliber machine gun in the late 1910s as countries began producing armored vehicles leading up to WWI. The cartridge itself has been made in many variants from armor piercing to tracer rounds, though most factory loads that can be accessed by civilians are the typical. M-107 .50 cal. Long Range Sniper Rifle (LRSR) History. M107 Semi-Automatic Long Range Sniper Rifle (LRSR). In the mid-to-late 1990's, U.S. Army requirements for a new heavy sniper rifle were formalized by the Infantry Center at Fort Benning, GA, developed in conjunction with snipers from the U. S. Army Special Operations Command and the Army Sniper School. After initial consideration of bolt.

That is 3,000 feet or 2/3 of a mile. If you want to hit something further out I would suggest that a 50 caliber. Let me quote an ARMY TRAINING DOC: Training will result in a .50 cal Barrett at 1.5 mile distance, hitting a human profile. (7,920 feet away) Many would suggest a tripod, or a fixed point on a building or vehicle is helpful 50 Cal Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun. sniper rifle In military and law enforcement terminology, a sniper rifle is a rifle used to ensure more accurate placement of bullets at longer ranges than other small arms. an extremely powerful rifle developed for the military; capable of destroying light armored vehicles and aircraft more than a mile away.

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While the United States Marine Corps sniper Carlos Hathcock set a record in 1967 for the longest kill shot at 2,500 yards, he did it with an M2 .50 caliber machine gun set to semi-automatic mode. His record held for nearly 35 years until March 2002, when during Operation Anaconda, Canadian Army sniper Arron Perry scored a confirmed kill at. Subject: .50 cal SNIPER RIFLE performance HYPOCENTER 1/15/2007 11:01:07 PM. I'm just wondering what first hand-accounts there are of using the .50 cal sniper rifle in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm well-aware of what a.

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The new Kalashnikov SV-18 anti-materiel sniper rifle is a bullpup design and fires a round similar to a .50 cal. (Photo screen shot DefenseWebTV YouTube) Immediately noticeable is the rifle's. 50 cal sniper rifle airsoft gun The advanced, ultra aggressive Tactical SR-01 HPSR [high-powered sniper rifle] is as much a force to be reckoned with as it is a sniper rifle connoisseur's dream. Never before has the Airsoft market seen a more realistic SR-01 HPSR bolt action sniper, and seemingly out of the woods, comes the incredible, premium. Top 6 Best Sniper Rifles Reviews. Remington® 700™ XCR™ Long-Range Tactical Bolt-Action Rifle. Springfield Armory® M1A-A1™ Scout Squad™ Semiautomatic Rifle. Savage Arms 110 Tactical Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle. Bushmaster BF BA50, Bolt Action, .50 BMG, 30″ Barrel, 10+1 Rounds. Ruger® American Rifle® Predator Bolt-Action Rifle with. 3D design 50.cal Sniper created by Marshall Bobo-Student with Tinkerca Unfortunately the Barrett .50 is not accredited with the worlds longest range killyet ! that honor goes to the McMillan TAC-50 bolt action sniper rifle. An example of the rifle is pictured below. The TAC-50 does however fire the same ammunition, the .50 cal BMG cartridge

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Maybe the SOCOM .50 Cal Sniper Kit would be good though for guys with bad backs or who tore their ACL playing paintball last week. The kit comes with a complete sniper spread, plus a Tippmann A-5 paintball gun. Specific contents include: 1 x .50 Cal Sniper Magazine for the Tippmann A-5. 1 x 18 Raptor Tactical Rifled Barrel Type D The Barrett.50 caliber, shoulder-fired, semi-automatic sniper rifle.The rifle is said to have manageable recoil for a weapon of its size owing to the barrel assembly that itself absorbs force, moving inward toward the receiver against large springs with every shot .50 Cal Heavy Sniper Sound 2.0. Letöltés Megosztás. therandomkidgtav, Kibblesbob (from the website linked) All Versions. 2.0 (current) 1 324 letöltés , 100 KB 2021. június 3. More mods in weapons category: Maroklőfegyver; 4.62 138 582 419 Glock 17. 0.1. By Jridah. Fegyver Textúra; 2 349 12 ''Chromed'' Carbine Rifle MK2. 1 The sniper rifle is the only weapon I use .50 cal on so it's worthwhile for the damage buff and armour penetration. I would end up with 500+ rounds. My fully upgraded .50 cal hunting rifle does 64 damage and my fully upgraded .308 combat rifle does 90...This is without any damage adding perks and identical upgrades

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St. George Arms Leader 50 A1 Ultra-Lightweight, Compact Bullpup Semi-Auto .50 BMG Multi-Caliber Anti-Materiel/Sniper Rifle is Less than 40 Inches Long and Weighs Less than 18 Pounds!: Ultimate Shoot-'n-Scoot .50 BMG Mega-Blaster for Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Civilian Tactical Shooters? (Photos!) David Crane August 19, 201 Schau dir unsere Auswahl an 50 cal sniper rifle an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden 1:1 size 50 Cal Sniper Rifle Prop Replica. 54 long. Working trigger, slide, and safety with removable magazine. Perfect for a display, costume, film prop, or reenactment.Made of metal and plastic barrett m99 .50 bmg sniper PRICE REFLECTS CASH/CHECK ADD 3.5% FOR CC FEES Single-shot •One-piece Alcoa 7000 series aluminum alloy extrusion •Heat-treated steel M1913 optics rail is attached to top of extrusi..

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Barrett 50 Cal Sniper For Sale Hunting Rifle: Fourth in power. Uses.308 rounds, can be modded later to use.50 cal rounds and can be geared with a silencer, has lots of mod options, and pretty much is an all around decent sniper choice Lilja Precision Rifle barrels has been named the exclusive supplier to the Navy SEALS for the Mk 13 .30 caliber and Mk 15 .50 caliber barrels. Quoting from the contract: The Mk13/Mk15 Sniper Rifle barrels shall be used in support of precision weapons requirements for the Department of Defense. The goal is to provide the most precise, durable. Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. - BMG .50 Cal. M82A1 Sniper rifle. Swarovski 10x42 GA Scope included. Qty. 4 - 10 round magaz for sale by jmjpac777 on GunsAmerica - 93304909