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  1. Configure VLAN on Cisco Switch 1. Open the VLAN lab and create these three VLAN and named Marketing, Accounting, and Sales. So let's create them with the following commands
  2. al. switch (conf)#interface vlan 10. switch (conf-if)#ip address 192.168..254 255.255.255.. switch (conf-if)#ip default-gateway
  3. 1) Issue the vlan database command at the enable prompt in order to enter the VLAN database mode. 2) Issue the vlan vlan-id> name vlan-name command at the vlan database prompt in order to add an Ethernet VLAN and assign it a number. If no name is entered for the VLAN, the default is to append the VLAN ID to the word VLAN

Creating a VLAN Using the Minimum Procedure, Creating a VLAN Using All of the Option Here is what I get when I try to add the VLANs. N7K2# conf t. Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. N7K2(config)# int e1/21. N7K2(config-if)# switchport trunk allowed vlan add 102-104,109 ^ % Invalid command at '^' marker. N7K2(config-if)# switchport ? host Set port hos

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Assigning VLAN Membership VLAN can be assigned statically or dynamically. CCNA exam only includes static method; therefore we will also use static method to assign VLAN membership. switchport access vlan [vlan number ] command is used to assign VLAN to the interface. Following commands will assign VLANs to the interfaces If a device has VLAN table support, then it is capable of VLAN switching using the built-in switch chip. You can check the device's switch chip either in the provided link or by using /interface ethernet switch prin Yes, we can assign multiple Vlans to same physical switch port-Access Port. first, you need change the switchport to mode trunk end then allow the ports. int f0/0. switchport mode trunk. switchport trunk allowed vlan 10,20. show interfaces trunk. Fa0/1 10,20. if you wanna add another vlan in the same interface: switchport trunk allowed vlan add If protocol-based VLANs are configured on the interface and the protocol profile of the frame matches a protocol-based VLAN, the switch adds the VLAN tag to the frame. If protocol-based VLANs are configured on the interface and the protocol profile of the frame matches no protocol-based VLAN, the switch adds the PVID of the interface to the frame

This videos i want to show you how to assign vlan of alcatel switch. If you want to know more about my configuration please help subscribe channel. Thank you.. Create a new vlan, select an identification number and add a brief description. Access the interface configuration mode and associate the port with a Vlan. In our example, the Switch port 40 was configured as a member of VLAN 100. Don't forget to save your switch configuration. You have successfully created a new VLAN You can do this by implementing VLANs. The following example will create VLAN (VLAN2) and place the ports on a switch (from 1-12) into VLAN2. If you are connecting two switches together, then you will want to allow all configured VLANs to pass between the two switches. This is accomplished by implementing a trunk port

To implement the above requirements, you can configure 802.1Q VLAN on both Switches. 1) Create VLAN 2. Add port 2, 4 of Switch A and port 1,2, 4 of Switch B to VLAN 2. 2) Create VLAN 3. Add port 3, 4 of Switch A and port 1,3, 4 of Switch B to VLAN 3. 3) Configure the default VLAN 1 to make sure the router can communicate with all ports of the. Management VLAN is used for managing the switch from a remote location by using protocols such as telnet, SSH, SNMP, syslog etc. Normally the Management VLAN is VLAN 1, but you can use any VLAN as a management VLAN. Cisco recommends not to use VLAN 1 and not to use any VLAN that carries user data traffic as Management VLAN. You must configure IP address and default gateway for Management VLAN Enter in IPv4 interface, enter the corresponding VLAN ID in the box VLAN Interface and pique Apply, then pique Edit to configure the IP interface and pique Apply to confirm the settings #dlinkswitchconfigurationHow to create vlan Dlink managed SwitchBuy Dlink DGS-1024D Switchhttps://amzn.to/2UKM2mvBuy D-Link Systems 28-Port Gigabit Web Smart..

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Add ports to the VLAN: Go to Switching - VLAN - Advanced - VLAN Membership. In the VLAN ID drop down menu, select the VLAN ID you want to edit. Select the ports to add to the VLAN 1. Navigate to the VLANs to add the VLANs to the EdgeSwitch. In this example, VLAN10 and VLAN20 are added. VLANs > New VLAN ID. 2. Fill in 10 and select the icon to add the VLAN. 3. Fill in 20 and select the icon to add the VLAN. 4. Apply the changes. Assigning the VLANs to the Ports. Back to To Native VLAN. The Native VLAN is the one VLAN on a trunk port which is allowed to remain untagged. By default, this is set to VLAN 1, but this can be changed by an administrator. To set the Native VLAN, you use this command: Switch X (config)# interface Ethernet 1/1 Switch X (config-if)# switchport trunk native vlan 2 Select Switching>VLAN>Basic > VLAN Configuration. Create a static VLAN by specifying a VLAN ID and VLAN name, and, from the VLAN Type menu, selecting Static. Click the Add button. The new VLAN is added to the configuration. Select Routing> VLAN > VLAN Routing. Enable routing on the VLAN that you just created and assign an IP address and subnet mas VLAN Tagging is used when a link needs to carry traffic for more than one VLAN. VLAN ( virtual local area network) is logically or simply a group of network devices.When we create a VLAN tagging on a switch, then we actually break a broadcast domain or we can say a VLAN break broadcast domain at layer2 we use VLAN and one VLAN defines one broadcast domain

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When the frame reaches the switch port, the switch will add the VLAN tag. The switch port is configured with a VLAN ID that it will put into the tag. Most switch ports will use this mode by default, with VLAN ID 1. When a frame leaves an untagged port, the switch strips the VLAN tag from the frame. The traffic is then forwarded as normal What you can do with unmanaged Switch is assign a VLAN through of one port Vlan on the Managed switch. For example: Note: In the case of VTP, only if a topology works in a VTP domain configured, you can analize the revision number in case of add a new managed switch A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is a logical grouping of network users and resources connected to administratively defined ports on a switch. By creating VLANs, you are able to create smaller. Configure the VLAN20 as mentioned in the figure below, click OK and click Accept (at the bottom) when finished. The process of creating the VLAN is different on GEN6 as the interface is different but the process of creating VLAN on the Cisco L2 switch and testing remains the same as illustrated above Hi I am a new to cisco but managed to add ip address and default gateway to cisco switch and able to check via telnet I have 3 cisco switch and i want to setup vlan and all vlan should be able to reach vlan8 as on picture attached and NATting is done on pfsense ---opensource Initial i have 192.16..

The show vlans command lists all VLANs configured on the switch and which interfaces are members of each VLAN. This command output shows that the sales and support VLANs have been created. The sales VLAN has a tag ID of 100 and is associated with interfaces ge-0/0/0.0, ge-0/0/3.0, ge-0/0/20.0, and ge-0/0/22.0 VLAN to another just by changing the configur ation on switches, it is relatively easy to put all the people working together on a part icular project all into a single VLAN. They can then more easily share files and resources with each other. To be honest, though, virtual workgroups sound like a good idea in theory, but often do not work well i shows that the native VLAN on other side of the trunk link is different from what we configured here. To configure trunk link and native VLAN on Switch 2, open console connection to Switch 2 and enter the commands as shown below. omnisecu.com.sw02>enable omnisecu.com.sw02#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line To solve this problem you can select a virtual LAN(VLAN) on the switch and create a virtual interface with an IP address. You can do this by entering the following command: access-switch1(config)# interface vlan 1 access-switch1(config-if)# ip address 255.255.255. access-switch1(config-if)# exit access-switch1(config) In the VLAN menu click on the Add button to insert/create a new VLAN ID. Specify the VLAN ID number under the VLAN List option and give it a name. Once you have entered all your VLAN IDs they will be listed in the VLAN menu. Click on the VLAN Port option on the top right to add the IDs to physical ports on the switch. You will see a drop.

Creating VLANs on the HP Smart Switch. By default, the switch comes with VLAN1, all ports untagged and no IP address. If you type the sh run command and have already set up your operator and manager passwords, details will be displayed. 9. To edit the VLAN, type vlan 1 and press Enter to drill down into vlan-1 Add VLANs and Assign Ports on Cisco 2960G Switch. This post will be focusing on the Cisco 2960G Switch I acquired in my post titled Homelab Rebuild - Part 1 - Intro. Here I will be working on configuring the switch. This includes adding a VLAN for my WAN connection, adding ports to the VLANs and setting up a management interface Add a switch, a router, and six PCs to the workspace. Connect PCs to the switch and the switch to the router. The following image shows this lab. Configure this lab to meet the following objectives. Create three VLANs and add 2 PCs to each VLAN. Configure the DHCP server on the switch and create three DHCP pools. Assign a DHCP pool to each VLAN

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This VLAN is dedicated for IP cameras and the NVR. In the Front Office, the challenge is to put each device into the right VLAN to ensure that the correct VLAN-tagged traffic makes it back to the gateway, thus giving access to the correct DHCP server and IP subnet. Assume all devices are VLAN un-aware and need to be tagged at the port To setup VLANs on the GS22XX switch go to menu, Advanced → VLAN and click the Static VLAN option on the top right of the VLAN menu window. Check the box to ACTIVATE the VLAN entry. Give the VLAN a name. Provide a VLAN ID. Set the ports that will be a member of the configured VLAN as Fixed Addition and Removal of VLANs. If you want to add VLANs in running trunk port it must be added using add or remove command other wise it will replace all existing VLANs with newly added/removed VLAN. switch (config-if)#switchport trunk allowed vlan add 100 switch (config-if)#switchport trunk allowed vlan remove 20

Since we want to make automatic IP distribution over VLAN-100 and VLAN-200 in our Bezim structure, we have added the relevant command to these VLANs. helper-address . We have completed our transaction on the switch side. Now we go to our DHCP Server. We set our server's IP address to be fixed. We have given the Block VLAN Switch: This is a type of hardware switch that adds the VLAN ID to it. With this feature it is possible to create a hardware switch within an already present VLAN on the network. This VLAN can be connected through another interface port in trunk mode to transport this VLAN to some other layer-2 switches

Creating the VLAN interface is what tells our HP 1910 switch to enable L3 routing. To create our VLAN interface, go to Network > VLAN Interface > Create: Creating a VLAN Interface on the Switch. This tells the switch to route VLAN traffic and by assigning the switch an IP address, we are also defining the gateway for that VLAN VLANs > New VLAN ID. 2. Fill in 10 and select the icon to add the VLAN. 3. Fill in 20 and select the icon to add the VLAN. 4. Apply the changes. Assigning the VLANs to the Ports. Back to Top. Now that the VLANs have been added, we can assign the VLANs to the interfaces in order to place hosts in certain VLANs Capabilities of a multilayer switch include the ability to route from one VLAN to another using multiple switched virtual interfaces (SVIs), as well as the ability to convert a Layer 2 switchport to a Layer 3 interface. Instructions Part 1: Configure Layer 3 Switchin This will set a description for your Ubiquiti Access Point, it will set the native or management VLAN for this port to 25 or whatever your management VLAN is. It'll set the port to trunk mode and select what VLANs are allowed to pass. You will also need to add your new VLAN to the trunk port from your UDMP to your Cisco Switch. So find the. To configure VLAN in GNS3, first, add one Cisco Router to the workspace. Step 2. Add Layer 2 Switch and 2 VPCS computer to the workspace. Step 3. Add another Layer 2 Switch and VPCS. Step 4. Right-click / configure on the Layer 2 Switch. In the window that opens, increase the amount of RAM for the Switch

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  1. Example 2. PowerShell. PS C:\> Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan -VMName Redmond -Trunk -AllowedVlanIdList 1-100 -NativeVlanId 10. Sets the virtual network adapter (s) in virtual machine Redmond to the Trunk mode. Any traffic tagged with one of the VLAN IDs in the allowed VLAN list will be permitted to be sent or received by the VLAN
  2. I've had a play around with the configurations and these are the commands I believe i need to use to create a VLAN on each of the switches. Step 1: Create the VLANs. HP-Switch (Config)#Vlan 530 name SVR HP-Switch (Config)#Vlan 540 name CAM HP-Switch (Config)#Vlan 550 name DESK. Step 2: Allocate ports to VLANs
  3. When a secure management VLAN is enabled, inband CLI, Menu interface, and WebAgent access is restricted to ports configured as members of the VLAN. Solution: In the following example, switches Rack2sw1, Rack2sw2 and Rack2sw3 are configured with VLAN 100 as the management VLAN
  4. A switch supports a maximum of 4096 VLANs, among which VLANs 0 and 4095 are reserved for system use, and VLAN 1 is the default VLAN. Therefore, you can only create VLANs 2 to 4094. You can repeat the vlan command multiple times. If a VLAN has been created, this command cannot be used to create the same VLAN or modify the configurations of the VLAN
  5. In the right pane, under VLAN ID, select Enable virtual LAN identification and then type a number for the VLAN ID. All traffic that goes through the physical network adapter connected to the virtual switch will be tagged with the VLAN ID you set. To allow a virtual machine to use a VLAN. Open Hyper-V Manager. In the results pane, under Virtual.

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to carry only VLANs created in Supermicro switches. 1.5 Creating VLANs Follow the steps below to create VLANs in Supermicro switches. Step Command Description Step 1 configure terminal Enters the configuration mode Step 2 vlan <vlan-list > Create s a VLAN using vlan command. vlan-list - may be any vlan number or.

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  1. Hi @jensskov , NSW has Management VLAN setting to configure management VLAN ID for all NSWs at a site.If an NCC user configures management VLAN ID to be 10, the setting will be assigned from Nebula Control Center to all the NSWs under the same site. NCC > SWITCH > Configure > Switch configuration. If you would like to define the VLAN ID on a.
  2. Vignesh, the idea behind the Default VLAN was that you didn't need to configure a VLAN in EXOS to use the switch. All ports are in the VLAN Default, thus if you were looking for quick Layer-2 solution...away you go. Didn't need to configure a VLAN. So, as Brian rightly calls out, if your first step is to build a VLAN you first have to remove.
  3. Use the system-view command to enter the configuration mode. Disable the Voice VLAN security mode using the following command. Create a new vlan, select an identification number and add a brief description. Access the interface configuration mode. Set the Switch port as a trunk
  4. EXAMPLE: We have VLAN 60 and 90 under interface X2 and VLAN 70 and 75 under X5. Port 23 of the switch is used as a common uplink for provisioning the switch through the firewall connected to interface X2. Port 3 of the switch is a dedicated uplink for X5. Let us configure port 1 of the switch as the access port for VLAN 90
  5. istrators to configure and manage different vendor devices.Infact incompatibility of protocols also become quite a headache

1. Go to LAN >> Switch >> 802.1Q VLAN to add new VLANs. In this example, we will connect the VigorSwitch to the router's LAN Port 1, so we select LAN_Port_1 for Member of every VLAN.. 2. Go LAN >> General Setup page, and add the LAN profiles for the new VLANs. Check Enable, input the VLAN ID as the same as the number in the previous step, and modify the IP address and DHCP range you need Restricting Traffic with Isolated Switch Ports. VLAN Mismatch Alerts for Meraki Switches. Configuring the MS Access Switch for Standard VoIP Deployments. Verifying Voice and Data VLAN tags with LLDP phones. Configuring Multiple Switch Ports on the Same VLAN. Integrating the MS Access Switch into a Cisco VTP domain I have a Cisco sf300 layer 3 switch, 2 unmanaged switches, and a UTM. I want to create 5 vlans on my layer 3 switch (vlan 10, 20, 30, 40, 50) with 1 separate vlan on each unmanaged switch (vlan 30 on one unmanaged and vlan 40 on the other)

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  1. Even with the default switch configuration H1 is able to reach H2. Let's see if I can create a new VLAN for H1 and H2: SW1 (config)# vlan 50 SW1 (config-vlan)# name Computers SW1 (config-vlan)# exit. This is how you create a new VLAN. If you want you can give it a name but this is optional. I'm calling my VLAN Computers
  2. to partition a single switch network into many. It improves security and traffic management. In this lesson we will learn how to configure VLAN on Cisco Catalyst switches
  3. Choose VLAN Management / Create VLAN and enter as many VLANs as you like. After you create the VLANs, you need to setup the IPv4 Interfaces. Choose IP Configuration / IPv4 Interface and add VLAN 2. Things should look like this. Now you want to Untag the Ports that will be included in your first VLAN. Change your VLAN ID to 2 and hit GO
  4. At its simplest form, voice VLANs are often used to deploy both the data and the voice VLAN to a single port. You plug the phone into that port on the switch, and then the computer plugs into the phone. The phone contains a small network switch that then does the 802.1q trunking and puts the phone on one vlan, and the computer on the other. Share
  5. This command allows reassignment of the Primary VLAN function to an existing, port-based, static VLAN. The switch will not reassign the Primary VLAN function to a protocol VLAN. NOTE: If you reassign the Primary VLAN to a non-default VLAN, you cannot later delete that VLAN from the switch until you assign the Primary VLAN to another port-based.
  6. Create the External Management VLAN, vMotion, vSAN, VM Network, and Internal Management VLANs. Enable jumbo frames on the VLANs using the mtu 9216 command. When configuring the VLANs for a VxRail deployment, make sure to configure the ipv6 mld snooping querier command on the VxRail node discovery VLAN 3939. This is a requirement for node.

To implement the above requirements, you can configure 802.1Q VLAN on both Switches. 1) Create VLAN 2. Add port 2, 4 of Switch A and port 1,2, 4 of Switch B to VLAN 2. 2) Create VLAN 3. Add port 3, 4 of Switch A and port 1,3, 4 of Switch B to VLAN 3. 3) Configure the default VLAN 1 to make sure the router can communicate with all ports of the. To configure the VLAN in Mikrotik smart switches, all ports that are VLAN must be switched to bridge mode first. If our switch is connected to another device like a router, we will need to use this port as a trunk. Now it is time to configure our VLAN and for this, we click the switch button from the menu on the left side for my Mikrotik device

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VLAN's cannot be created on the switch as per the MS350/other layer 3 switches as they do not perform inter-VLAN (Layer 3 capabilities). To assign certain VLAN's to different ports on the MS220, Switch>Switch Ports>Click on the port. Change the Type to your desired (Trunk, Access) and then tag the VLAN appropriately /interface ethernet switch vlan add ports=ether2,ether3 switch=switch1 vlan-id=200 add ports=ether2,ether4 switch=switch1 vlan-id=300 add ports=ether2,ether5 switch=switch1 vlan-id=400 Assign vlan-mode and vlan-headermode for each port and also default-vlan-id on ingress for each access port A Valid range is 1-4094. On a VLAN switch, you assign ports with the proper VLAN number. The switch then allows data which needs to be sent between various ports having the same VLAN. Since almost all networks are larger than a single switch, there should be a way to send traffic between two switches The other IoT devices and guests connect in via the APs and I would like for them to be separate VLANs. The issue: I just want to set up the VLANs on the switch and bind the WiFi networks on the APs to those VLANs (i.e. VLAN ID 2 = Iot, VLAN ID 3 = guest, VLAN ID 1,4,5 = home network) MVRP, which replaced GVRP, is a standards-based layer 2 protocol for automatic configuration of VLAN information on switches.Within a layer 2 network, MVRP provides a method to dynamically share VLAN information and configure the needed VLANs. For example, in order to add a switch port to a VLAN, only the end port, or the VLAN-supporting.

V LAN is an acronym for Virtual Local Area Network. Several VLANs can co-exist on a single physical switch, which are configured via Linux software and not through hardware interface (you still need to configure actual hardware switch too). Hubs or switch connects all nodes in a LAN and node can communicate without a router Switch#config terminal Switch(config)#vlan 10 Switch(config-vlan)#name SALES Switch(config-vlan)#vlan 20 Switch(config-vlan)#name IT. 3. Assign switch ports to the VLANs. Remember each VLAN is viewed as separate broadcast domain. And just before you configure, have in mind that switch ports could be either access or trunk Configure VLAN in Cisco Packet Tracer: In this instructable will explain how to configure vlans on the switches. Vlans only works on Layer 2.Configurar VLAN en Cisco Packet Tracer En este instuctable se explicará como configurar por medio de comandos las vlans para los switches. On the pfSense I have VLAN-interfaces #1, #2, #3, configured on the physical ethernet interface that connects to my LAN (the UniFi-switch) and VLAN-interface with tag 1 is assigned to LAN. The untagged hardware interface is assigned to an OPTx, but without any IP addresses set, just to bring up the interface I've been working with a cisco switch and the commands are very simple; eg/ vlan 100 (will add a vlan called 100) interface 1/0/1 vlan 100 (will assign the vlan 100 to the port) It seems mikroti..

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  1. This article provides instructions on how to configure the VLAN mapping settings on Sx350, SG350X, and Sx550X Series Switches
  2. When you add a second VLAN to a switch, the default setting on that VLAN is No for all ports. Using the Web browser interface, if you then reconfigure a port to Untagged for a new VLAN while there is an Untagged setting on another VLAN for the same port, the switch automatically reconfigures the other VLAN setting to No
  3. On the Cisco switch, I will set port 20 to trunk mode. I will give it a native VLAN of 10 and add 10, 20, and 30 to its allowed VLANs list. On the Netgear switch, I will set port 20 so that it allows untagged traffic for VLAN 10 and tagged traffic for VLANs 20 and 30
  4. Step 1 - Create VLANS. L2 Features > VLAN > 802.1Q VLAN. Enter the VIDs into the VID List then click Apply to each. Once you have add all VIDs to the list, you should see the following. Step 2 - Edit VLAN Name. VLAN Name: Coporative. Click on Edit then modify the name of the VLAN in the corresponding column
  5. 4095 for standard switch ; Range of and individual VLANs for distributed switch ; The virtual machine performs the VLAN tagging. The virtual switch preserves the VLAN tags when it forwards the packets between the virtual machine networking stack and external switch. The host network adapters must be connected to trunk ports on the physical switch
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VLAN ID 1: the VLAN switch for the remaining 3 ports (that are still mapped to the LAN interface) VLAN ID 2: the VLAN switch mapped to the 1 WAN port. VLAN ID 3: the newly created VLAN switch for the 1 port LAN 1. This port is currently without function. You first have to assign it to an interface (in the physical settings tab of an. Configure Switch Virtual Interfaces. In this step, we are going to configure SVIs on the two switches. Each vlan must have its gateway which will be the SVI interface we will configure on the switch. On DLS1, configure SVI 10 and SVI 20 for VLANs 10 and 20 as below. DLS1 (config)# DLS1 (config)#int vlan 10 DLS1 (config-if)# DLS1 (config-if.

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Now creating VLANs on layer 3 switches namely VLAN 2 on the switch ports fa0/1, 2 and fa0/3, 4 for VLAN 3. Switch# vlan 2 Switch# vlan 3 Switch# int range fa0/1-2 Switch# switchport access vlan 2 Switch# int range fa0/3-4 Switch# switchport access vlan 3. Now creating SVI for VLAN 2 giving it IP address and SVI for VLAN 3 giving. When you first add a VLAN to a switch, the default setting on that VLAN is No for all ports, indicating that no ports are members of this VLAN. Using the Web browser interface, if you then reconfigure a port to Untagged for a new VLAN while there is an Untagged setting on another VLAN for the same port, the switch automatically reconfigures the. Switch(config)#vlan 10: Create VLAN and associate number ID 10 with it: Switch(config-vlan)#name Sales: Assign name to VLAN: Switch(config-vlan)#exit: Return in Global configuration mode from VLAN configuration mode: Switch(config)#interface fastethernet 0/1: Enter in interface configuration mode: Switch(config-if)#switchport mode acces Within the web interface of the switch, you can configure three separate VLANs, one for each department. The simplest way to divide them is by port numbers. You could assign Ports 1-8 to the first.

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/interface ethernet switch port set ether1 vlan-header=add-if-missing set ether2 default-vlan-id=100 vlan-header=always-strip /interface ethernet switch vlan add ports=ether1,ether2,switch1-cpu switch=switch1 vlan-id=10 Configure each SVI interface, one per VLAN for which routing should be done by this Layer 3 switch: Use the interface vlan vlan_id command in global configuration mode to create a VLAN interface and to give the switch's routing logic a Layer 3 interface connected into the VLAN of the same number

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interface vlan to create a Switch Virtual Interface (routing for a VLAN) show ip route, traceroute and show ip interface brief to verify Inter-VLAN Routing is working properly; At this point, you know the very basics of switching. Before we can expand our knowledge about switching technologies, we can benefit from some routing and some IPv6 stuff Tagged switch port. This command will create a tagged or trunk switch port on VLAN 200. Additional VLANs can be tagged on a port by using the same syntax and adding a new VLAN number. [[email protected]] > /interface bridge vlan add bridge=bridge1 tagged=sfp-sfpplus1 vlan-ids=200. Layer 3 VLAN Interfac

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Topic. This article describes how to create VLANs using Datto Switches.. Environment. Datto Switches; Description. A Virtual LAN (VLAN) is a Layer 2 configuration that groups together devices to behave as if they were on the same wire.Traffic is tagged with an ID, and subsequent ports on other Datto Switches will only process traffic with that ID On Layer 2 switches, it can be. Symptom. VLAN is created on the switch but in a down state. Solution. Execute the show vlan command. If it shows down, make sure there's at least one port. Step 2. After configuring the Cisco Router's interface and the TCP/IP settings of the computers, click Switch and click the CLI tab in the window that opens. To change to Privileged mode, execute enable. Step 3. After making the basic settings, create 3 different VLAN groups according to the topology you have created on the Switch